Do’s and Don’ts of ATS

ATS or applicant tracking system is a technology for the recruiters. It helps in managing applicants and speeds up the recruitment process. It collects and organizes applicant data and maintains talent pools for the recruiting company. One of ATS’s main functions is to parse resumes using algorithms and filter the best-suited candidates. Now making your resume ATS-friendly is a task that frightens most of the candidates but it is not that difficult. Below mentioned are some of the important Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind while applying for jobs online.
October 19, 2021

Do’s and Don’ts of ATS


  1. Make good use of the job description: Use the same keywords as the job description in your resume to pass the ATS screening because recruiters put the same input into the ATS. 
  2. Use acronyms but give the full phrase too: You can use acronyms in your resume, but also mention their full phrase.  
  3. Use standard language: Do not use fancy words. Use simple and standard language. Your resume is not meant for creative writing. Use simple words, because fancy words don’t affect the ATS. 
  4. Use section headers in capital letters: Highlight section headers by putting them in ALL CAPS. This would make it easier for the ATS to separate sections and this also increases readability when a human is scanning the resume. 
  5. Research industry keywords: Even after you have added the keywords in the job description, use industry-related keywords at other places. If you don’t know them, then do your research. This can make you best matched for the job positions. 
  6. Go bold and underline: Underline important information and bold the important words. This is the best tip for organizing a resume. 


  1. Mix different fonts: Mixing different fonts look unprofessional. Use a consistent font that looks formal. 
  2. Include false things: Lying on resumes never benefited anybody. Fooling the ATS can feel easy for once by putting in false information, but you have to prove those things in interviews or assessment tests. 
  3. Write in bulky paragraphs: Use separate bullet points and avoid big paragraphs. They reduce readability and hide important information. 
  4. Forget to follow instructions: Always remember to follow the guidelines provided by the recruiting company. If you just upload your resume by ignoring other instructions, it can show ignorance. 
  5. Include personal information: Do not include irrelevant personal information like nationality or current salary in the resume. Mention only the main contact details. 
  6. Make your resume too fancy: Do not try to use fancy resume templates or graphics. Use a traditional layout that is easy to screen by the ATS. 
  7. List credentials next to your name: Do not list credentials or acronyms for professional degrees next to your names. Mention those credentials in a separate section. 

You can make your application ATS-optimized using the above tips. However, always try to use a referral if possible. This is said because referrals are the largest hire channel till now, making up 40% of new hires. Don’t be afraid of hiring bots. Just follow all the recruiter’s instructions and make your resume ATS-friendly. 

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