Differentiating Your Employer Brand In The Next Normal

COVID has completely changed the factors at which candidates look before choosing an employer. After the pandemic, potential candidates now search for employer brands that have adapted completely to the new normal of the pandemic. Maintaining an employer brand is important if you want to attract and retain top talent for your company. It is how your candidates view you as an employer and it answers why they should work for you. Here are some ways you can enhance your employer’s brand in the next normal:
October 19, 2021

Post-pandemic employer brand should have a strong social media presence

Even before the pandemic, 79% of job-seekers were searching for job postings on social media sites. This number surely increased when the pandemic resulted in the shutdown of physical offices. A recruiting company must communicate its employer brand on multiple social media platforms. This makes your company more discoverable and the purpose of your employer brand clearer. You can maintain an active LinkedIn recruiter profile, an engaging Instagram page, a Facebook page, or a valuable Twitter handle. The importance and usage of social media are increasing every day and companies should make use of it to reach their potential candidates and communicate their messages. 

Flexible working conditions

The pandemic gave us the work-from-home culture. The companies who provided the option for work-from-home during the pandemic attracted more candidates towards them. Even though offices are opening, people still want hybrid systems of working where they can choose to work from home or the office as per their convenience. Not only the place of working but the hours of working need to be flexible too. You don’t have to bind your employees, stating some fixed hours they need to work for. Give them the choice of working as per their convenient time while maintaining accountability. 

Work-life balance

Work-from-home culture also somewhat blurred the lines between personal life and work life. With work calls extending up to midnight and interrupting the employees’ personal time, the pandemic led to more pressure on the employees. In such a situation, candidates search for companies that have strict policies to maintain the work-life balance of the employees. Make sure that you are giving your employees enough free time for rejuvenation. This way they’ll be more happy and productive at work. 

Growth opportunities 

In today’s age, the work population consists of millennials and Gen-Z. Both these groups have a hunger for developing their skills and learning new things daily. Give your employees ample growth opportunities. You can arrange for coaching or mentorship programs. Regular training to teach your employees new technology systems can be held to improve their technical skills. Give them challenging tasks and constructive feedback so that they can grow their skillset continuously.

Strong communication

With the hybrid working conditions, managers don’t have the option of roaming around the office and talking to their employees. Communication is taking place on screens and through apps like MS teams, Zoom, Skype, etc. Don’t let these barriers affect how efficiently you communicate with your employees. Let them voice their ideas and opinions through screens freely. Sometimes the glitches and downtime of the internet can come in the way of your communication, but don’t let that affect your relationship with the employee. 

Adapting to the new normal is what will keep the employer brand of companies strong. Maintaining a solid image as an employer in the markets lets you have enough choices while hiring. You won't have to settle for less talented people ever once you start building an employer brand that attracts the top performers on its own. So start working on it if you haven’t already and enjoy the returns. 

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