A Recruiter's Guide to High Volume Hiring in 2022

High volume hiring can result in huge resource wastage for the recruiting company if the process is not handled strategically. Proper planning and efficient strategies are required to make high-volume hiring a success. This article contains some tips for the recruiter to execute bulk hiring efficiently. Keep on reading to know more.
October 19, 2021

Tips that can guide recruiters while hiring in volume:

  1. Automation is your best friend: Automating routine and manual processes that can be done by software. Use automation to increase the scale of hiring. There is a lot of AI-powered software that helps recruiters with screening resumes, scheduling calls, personalized candidate experience, talent sourcing, and a lot more.
  2. Track your performance throughout the process: Make sure to track important metrics like hiring budget, hiring velocity, source of hire, and conversion rates. Recruiters should also track metrics related to the effectiveness of job marketing campaigns and employer branding campaigns. Tracking KPIs tells you where you are performing well and where you need to improve.
  3. Keep the application form short and simple: Your application form should be simple and short. Complicated forms make many candidates leave the form in between. This may result in the loss of many applications, hence fewer candidates to choose from. Candidates are most likely to leave a form that takes over 20 minutes to fill.
  4. Use your ATS to the fullest: An applicant tracking system provides valuable insights regarding your talent acquisition goals. For your ART to provide you with accurate details, you need to declutter it by removing old, irrelevant, or useless data. Delete duplicates or applications that haven’t been properly closed out. Streamline your recruiting process using your ATS. Proper usage of an ATS can ease the process of bulk-hiring and speed up your hiring process.
  5. Leverage your social media platforms: Use your social media platforms to maintain a strong employer brand and attract a large number of candidates. Take advantage of your current employees as well as your social networks to reach candidates. Share job postings in your network and encourage them to do the same within their network. LinkedIn can be a good example of a social network where you can find potential candidates by doing this.

By implementing the recruiting tactics mentioned above, you can make your high-volume recruiting process flow efficiently and smoothly. If you are investing your money and time in a recruiting process, then it must bring you the top performers. This is possible only when hiring is done in a way that automates the routine burdensome tasks.

Sourcing talent from a large number of applications can be challenging. The hiring process is successful only when the candidates selected fit the values of the company. That is why human resource managers must spend the saved time on human-centric tasks. This is essential to get to know the candidates and see if they are a good fit.

Follow these strategies to save time and cost while filling your job positions.

Happy Recruiting.

Team TalentRecruit!!

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